Quick Facts


The 2015 Oro Valley Meet Yourself folklife festival takes place within the Town of Oro Valley at the Oro Valley Marketplace, 12155 N. Oracle Road, Oro Valley, AZ 85737.

See map below:


Dates and Hours of the Festival are:

Saturday, March 21st, from 10 a.m. to 5 pm
Sunday, March 22nd, from 10 a.m. to 5 pm


Getting to the Festival and Parking

If you are driving, refer to the map above for directions.

RIDE THE BUS!  SUN TRAN offers award-winning public transportation to Oro Valley.

RIDE A BIKE!  Oro Valley Meet Yourself will provide free of charge bike racks throughout the weekend. Oro Valley Meet Yourself will not provide personal spaces or locks for the security of bikes. Oro Valley Meet yourself is not responsible for lost or stolen bikes.

Convenient parking is available near and around the Oro Valley Meet Yourself festival.

Parking is FREE at the Oro Valley Marketplace.



There is no price of admission to the festival. The 2 day event is FREE to the community.

Our Board and staff raise funds year-round to pay for all festival production expenses, including giving honoraria to artists. We thank our many generous sponsors for their support. The Town of Oro Valley is generously supporting the production of this event.

We respectfully request a donation from those who attend the festival.  There will be call-outs for donations at the performance stage or you can drop a buck in any of the donation boxes located around the event.



Oro Valley Meet Yourself sells water and sodas during the festival to raise funds. We use the money raised to pay for all the expenses of producing the event. Help keep the festival free for the next 40 years (that would be OVMY 2055!)

There are 3 soda/water stands around the festival. They are staffed by volunteers.



Dogs, both assisting dogs and home pets, are allowed at the event. OVMY asks that owners exercise common sense precautions when exposing their pets to large groups of strangers or to other animals.



OVMY is an alcohol-free event. Please refrain from bringing your own alcohol to the event; you will be asked to leave the premises if seen consuming alcohol publicly during the event.



OVMY will take place in an open, out doors space.  We ask that smokers be considerate of their neighbors and retreat to the edges of the festival space to smoke, avoiding entry points and areas of large public concentration.



Arizona law allows citizens to carry firearms that are legally registered  and openly display them on their persons during public events. OVMY asks that if you carry a firearm during the event  you exercise commonsense in all matters of safety and show courtesy to your neighbors who may be otherwise unfamiliar or uncomfortable with guns.



OVMY will be accessible to persons in wheelchairs. There will be accessible portable bathrooms in the premises as well as a ramp for easier access to the festival grounds.  If other special accommodations are needed call the Southwest Folklife Alliance office at (520) 621-4046 in advance of the event.  We are not set up to provide sign language at this event, but plan to do so in the future as we already started doing at Tucson Meet Yourself.


Free Speech Policy

You may see people walking outside and around the festival property promoting specific political or religious causes or circulating petitions of various types. These petitioners are not endorsed by Oro Valley Meet Yourself or Southwest Folklife Alliance.

Vendors or exhibitors invited by Oro Valley Meet Yourself to participate in the festival are informed in advance that proselytizing, haggling, walking in public walkways soliciting business, or engaging in any kind of disrespectful noise-making activity that disrupts neighbors, stages, or festival audiences will not be tolerated. If you observe any violation to this policy, please approach a festival volunteer (in the yellow, logo t-shirts) and ask for assistance.